Manna Wong has served our community as Public School Trustee since 2014, and was re-elected in 2018. Thanks to her active role in the “Save the Grace” campaign, Birchmount Hospital is here to serve our community. Today Scarborough-Agincourt needs her as our City Councillor. 

As a trustee, Manna has gotten results for Scarborough-Agincourt, including:

  • delivering desperately needed repairs to schools 
  • reducing over-crowding for children 
  • helping parents by lowering childcare fees 
  • making roads safer for all. 

Manna pioneered educational Eco Fairs to inspire real action in greening schools and homes. Children’s mental health and academic performance have improved through her new Arts Intersections project. 

Agincourt is home to Manna. She is trusted in this community where she lived for 27 years with her family of four sons. Like most of the residents here, she immigrated to Canada 40 years ago and understands that public service must be accessible to all. 

Tens of thousands of residents have better quality of life because Manna helped them cut through red tape and solve problems throughout her 25+ years of working in all levels of government. 

Following the law is important, especially to those elected in public office. That's why Manna helped to establish the Integrity Commissioner at the School Board to uphold the highest ethical standard. 

As a devoted and hard working community advocate since the 1980s, Manna has dedicated herself to the frontline to improving public transit, housing, job security, and pensions. She has served on many community agencies including:

  • Community Advisory Committee of the Scarborough Grace Hospital
  • Toronto Foundation of Student Success
  • Toronto Education Opportunity Fund
  • MCIS, in their work on domestic violence against women

Manna is a principled leader for equity and accountability. All Scarborough School Trustees, leaders from different communities, resident groups, and educators have endorsed Manna. 

Vote for a true champion that delivers - Manna Wong.